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Photo of Bashar Nuseibeh

Bashar Nuseibeh

Professor of Computing

Photo of Blaine Price

Blaine Price

Senior Lecturer in Computing

Photo of Arosha K. Bandara

Arosha K. Bandara

Senior Lecturer in Computing

Photo of Gul Calikli

Gul Calikli

Postdoctoral Fellow

Photo of Ciaran McCormick

Ciaran McCormick

Research Engineer

Photo of Vikram Mehta

Vikram Mehta

Research Engineer

Imperial College London

Photo of Alessandra Russo

Alessandra Russo

Professor in Applied Computational Logic

Photo of Emil C. Lupu

Emil C. Lupu

Reader in Adaptive Computing Systems

Photo of Luke Dickens

Luke Dickens

Lecturer in Computer Science & Information Technology (Now at UCL)

Photo of Yasmin Rafiq

Yasmin Rafiq

Postdoctoral Fellow

University of Exeter

Photo of Mark Levine

Mark Levine

Professor of Social Psychology

Photo of Avelie Stuart

Avelie Stuart

Postdoctoral Fellow

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